Anrolize Johst

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Anrolize Johst


Anrolize Johst initially decided to follow the CA route and did her articles at PKF. She headed to Cape Town to become the financial manager of a Robotics company, this intrigued her interest. She decided to combine her accounting experience with robotics process automation. She headed the RPA division at a well known firm in Johannesburg. She decided to partner with Thiruven Naidoo to be able to provide affordable RPA solutions for companies of any size. She has experience in automation the bookkeeping function, administrative processes, call centres and a few smaller projects.

Her industries include manufacturing, bookkeeping firms, universities, tourism industries and a few smaller industries.

Her valuable skills: Goal driver, integrity and loyal

Key qualifications: Completed Electroneek certification, Xero certification, registered business accountant.

Thiruven Naidoo


Thiruven Naidoo CA (SA) completed his articles at Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. He joined Credit Suisse Standard Securities as Head of Finance, and left in 2008 to take up full time lecturing role at Wits, mainly 3rd and 4th year Corporate Finance. He co-founded Destination CA and Institute of Accounting Science (IAS) in 2014. He owns a few companies across the world. He brings excellent strategy planning to the table.

Her valuable skills: Strategist, Management accounting.

Key qualifications: Chartered Accountant.


RPA team leader

Taylor van Wyk is currently studying towards her degree in information systems. She is a people’s person, she will make sure all of your staff are comfortable and understand RPA before implementation. She currently mans our team of developers, her project management skills are exceptional.

Her valuable skills: Project management, team player and loyal.

Key qualifications: Electroneek certified, Xero advisor certificate.

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